(609) 397 3240

570 Rosemont Ringoes Road
PO Box 500, Sergeantsville, NJ 08557

Commission Members

John Kafarski

Roger Locandro

Mary Anne Royal

Susan Lockwood
TC Liaison

Kathy Katz
Planning Board Liaison

Deborah Polay

Karen Peters
Alternate I

Diana Garibaldi
Alternate II

Joshua Goldman

Richard Mongelli

Devin Cornia

Environmental Commission Information

In 1968 the State Legislature passed a law establishing Environmental Commissions for the “protection, development, and use of natural resources, including water resources included within the territorial limits of Delaware Township”.  In 1972 the law was amended to expand the commissions’ responsibilities to other areas of environmental concern, such as pollution prevention and control, solid waste management, noise control and environmental appearance.

Environmental Commissions are also mandated to develop and maintain a local database of the town’s natural resources, review and comment on governmental actions, promote regional and long-range planning, and inform the public through educational programs, publications, and meetings.

In short, the Environmental Commission’s responsibility is to advise relevant township authorities regarding measures designed to enhance the quality of life of its residents by protecting the quality of their environment.