Although known for its pastoral setting filled with horses and cows it’s that time of year when Hunterdon County’s landscape is dotted with pools.

At first glance, a pool is a pool –but in code enforcement that is simply not the case.  As of January 17, 2006 New Jersey adopted regulations to define exactly what a “pool” is and it may not be what you think.

Unfortunately, many of the pools you see as you drive the countryside require a permit from your local Building Department- That’s right!

All pools- regardless of their size –require a permit when they are capable of holding greater than 24” of water.  Many of these so called “storable” pools most commonly
those blue pools that are set-up on a seasonal basis are now regulated by the Uniform Construction Code and must have a fence or barrier to protect them from unauthorized entry as well as a Ground Fault Interruption Protection for its power source.

So be safe and contact your local Construction Department at (609) 397-3240 ext. 201 prior to installing any pool.  It just may save you from being issued a violation and will certainly help protect the children of your community.

Phil Izzo, Delaware Township Construction Department.





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